Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Leaving on a jet plane... with way too much stuff!

Chao Ban!
That's hello in Vietnam  (well atleast that's what Google has just told me...) and that's where I am headed in just 2 short days, eek!
I have 3 1/2 weeks of travel planned through South East Asia and I couldn't be more excited!

I am travelling with 3 other girls and we have spent the last few weeks emailing and texting each other with silly girl questions like...
"Are you taking heels?" (all answers varied from "Yes" to "I don't know...." to "Wtf are you serious? Why would I need heels?"
"Are you taking a hair straightener?"
"Will I need 2 pairs of jeans or one?"
"I'm fat and nothing fits me, I want to kill myself".
You know how it is!

I am an absolutley shocking packer. Terrible! I always over pack and end up sitting on the hotel room at the end of my holiday with crap strewn all over the room thinking W.T.F. And why did I even bring half of this stuff???! Why didn't someone stop me??? Or why didn't I listen to them when they tried to more like it!
 I always buy too much stuff when travelling and trying to fit it into an already full suitcase is impossible. I know you are supposed to go on holiday basically with an empty suitcase but when you are a paranoid freak like me it's hard to leave behind all the medications, sunscreen, after sun lotion, antibacterial gel, pain killers, etc, etc. And lets not get started on the toiletries!
 I don't think there has been a holiday yet where I haven't had to sit on my suitcase and try to get that damn zip to close (expander open and all....)
I would like to think I am getting better ( because I sure as hell couldn't get worse!) but we shall see!

Lovely Lydia suggested I do a travel post with what I'm taking (she is a travel fanatic like me!) and I thought since I haven't blogged for awhile that would be a fun idea :)
So this is what I* deem to be absolutley necessary to survive in South East Asia for 3 1/2 weeks!
*I am a bit of a "girl" so I do find it hard to travel without makeup, hair dryer, etc. Sad but true.

Packing in progress- What a mess!

 My attempt at a "Half full" suitcase...

 My new travel wallet. Scored this little beauty at David Jones and thought it would be perfect for travel. My passport fits inside and it has a sturdy zip to keep all my cards and money safe.
Plus it looks pretty too ;)

 This is my "day bag" and pretty much the bag I lug around everywhere. It's a Longchamp bag and it's great for travelling. It has a zip (so no nasty pick pocketers can put their sweaty hand inside without me knowing). It's also canvas so it's pretty water proof, the straps are nice and sturdy and it fits a fair bit in. I guess each trip differs with what goes inside but for this trip I have my money belt (which I will have to wear in some of the bigger cities I think), my wallet, an umbrella and poncho (gotta love monsoonal showers), wet wipes, a paper fan (35 degrees and humidity, fun times ahead), tissues and a little beauty bag with deoderant, panadol, hand sanitiser and an eye mask and ear plugs for the plane.

 I love this eye mask. It's not new but it's so soft, silky and pretty. I wonder if any one has ever wondered if I'm really famous when wearing it? Haha ah no.
What celebrity would be flying Jetstar economy? I'm guessing none.

 My good old "liquids bag". Gotta love security regulations.
All under 1000mls I promise! Deoderant, Hand cream, dry shampoo, insect repellent and hand sanitiser.

 This is what I've chucked in my good old carry on bag.
My folder full of flight details, hotel details etc. I always carry this on my trips. I am pretty obsessive compulsive and like to make sure I have every booking printed out, and all my travel insurance details etc in one folder. I even type up an itinerary. I like to be organised- plus it is fun :)
Also got my trusty neck pillow, books and inside the stripey bag is a portable DVD player I bought recently to keep me occupied!
 Ah yes and this is the inside of my suitcase. It looks fuller than what it really is. I honestly don't have that much in it.... My damn toiletries take up half the room!
 This is the good old zipper pocket thing which I'd die without. Got all my junk in there basically. Shoes, belt, a satchel bag, insect repellant (3 bottles... after a cull), hair dryer/hair straightner (in the spotty red bag), and medications to last a lifetime. Oh and the teapot bag is all my chargers and power adapters. See all stuff I neeeeeed.
 Carry on bag again : )
 The good old toiletry bag aka the BEAST
 Seriously, have you ever seen so many toiletries in all your life! And this is AFTER I culled stuff. But I honestly can't live without it, I promise you!
Shampoo, Conditioner, Pantene 1min treatment (my hair gets so dry), silver shampoo, Kevin Murphy Powder Puff (I will only use this for nights out), Fudge dry shampoo.
 Dermalogica Face Cleanser, Clinique Face Scrub (in the little pink bottle), Dermalogica travel toner spray and day/night moisterisers.
 Cotton balls to last a life time, Dermalogica Pre Cleanse (in the Neutrogena bottle- the Dermalogica one is too big to carry), and Neutrogena Eye makeup remover.
 Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap and mini Soap & Glory Body Butter (I ended up culling this after I took the photos). Also Hair detangling spray and Dove Summer Glow Moisteriser (in the little bottle).

 Instead of lugging around my huge MAC palette I decided to be a little tricky and use my old Hello Kitty palette that I've never used. I got rid of the colours out of it (ghastly green, hot pink and blue- why I ever bought it is beyond me!) and depotted my most used colours.
L to R: All that glitters, Expensive Pink, Satin Taupe, Woodwinked.
I am pretty sure this will become a great little travel palette for me now. It's just the right size!

 Nars Laguna Bronzer, Revlon Photoready foundation in Nude, Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier Primer Gel.
 MAC Well Dressed blush and Australis Paparazzi Perfect 'Screen Siren'
2 blushes is probably overkill but they are both so different I can't decide...

 Eye stuff- Smashbox Highlighter pencil, MAC Penultimate liner pen, Harlotte smudge eye liner pencil, Smashbox Full Exposure mascara.
 NYX lip gloss "Smokey", MAC "Angel" lipstick, MAC lipgloss from the disney collection, Napoleon Love Bites gloss, Australis and L'oreal lip liners. Lip Liners I could prob do without as well....
And all the tools of the trade! Sharpener, Smashbox eyebrow gel, eyelash curler and my dodgy brushes- a blush, contour, eyebrow/eyeliner and eyeshadow brush. Don't mind the quality of the poor blush brush. I decided not to stick it back together after the handle fell off because it fits better in my makeup case lol
And last but not least my trusty makeup bag courtesty of Victoria Secret. I love this makeup bag it is the perfect size. I can't wait to get another one when I go to the USA at the end of the year. It is perfect for travelling!

So there you have it! My travel necessities.
I would love to know what you deem "necessary" for your travel and what things you just can not live with out!!!! :)