Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Disney princesses strike a pose!

As a huge Disney fan I was so excited to see the princesses featuring as magazine cover models! It is just too cute (and clever) for words!

I love some of the captions and headlines on some of these, they are pretty clever if you have seen the movies!
Each princess really does suit each style of mag too, dontcha think?

I love Aurora on the cover of Glamour and Ariel on Seventeen. But I also like Jasmine being a saucy minx on the cover of Cosmo too!

Who is your favourite?


  1. OMG best blog post ever. I love this!!!

  2. Oh my gosh I hadn't seen these before.. they are too cute! My favourite has to be Cinders on the cover of Elle!

  3. I love all of these covers and Disney never ceases to make me super happy! :)

  4. so cute, I really like this post.......and your blog..........xx


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